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In Need of Dryer Vent Service – Experiencing Dryer Vent -Dryer Fire Warning Signs

Fire Damage Restoration Milwaukee

The dryer vent is an important part of the home and therefore must be taken proper care of. However, in recent years, the Dryer Vent has been reported to cause several hazards in the home and necessitating the need to pay proper attention to it in order to catch the early signs of possible and potential hazards. Aiming to protect families and their properties from the potential hazards of dryer vents mishaps, Dryer Vent Wizard was established. The company aims to reduce the annual figure of 15,500 dryer fires reported by the National Fire Protection Association by offering quick response to mitigate against dryer vent hazards in homes. Fire damage can occur at anytime , luckily at Hoe Service Fix we have you covered with our Fire Damage Restoration Service , check us out today and remember with fire damage comes water damage so see our water damage restoration service across Milwaukee ,wi

While describing the company and the services offered, the spokesperson from Dryer Vent Wizard said company said: “Our local franchise was started as a result of widespread safety and efficiency concerns among homeowners whose dryer vent systems required an “urgent response.” The unsettling state of most dryer vents in need of service is caused by one or more problems including lint accumulation, vent blockages, disrepair, or improper installation. Dryer Vent Wizard locations across North America combat these common issues by providing specialized dryer vent services including vent installation, cleaning, repair, rerouting, and inspection. Since the beginning in 2004, the Dryer Vent Wizard franchise has grown and spread across the United States and Canada, working together to make each home or business we service safer and more efficient. Each Dryer Vent Wizard franchise is committed to making their community safer by offering thorough, professional dryer vent services.”

At Dryer Vent Wizard of & Dryer Vent Wizard of North Jersey, the team of dryer vent service providers aim to help homeowners get their home up to health and safety standards by providing stellar dryer vent services along with proper education of clients on the possible signs of dryer vent damages such as overheat shutoff which may be caused by a clog or blockage of the vent line and causing the dryer to turn off mid cycle, lint buildup which can be prevented through regular cleaning and sweeping of the dryers, excessive collection of pet or human hair which can result in fire hazards, possible moldy smell which is caused by trapped heat and moisture, and constriction of airflow in the dryer vent.

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